Best 2-Stroke Dirt Bikes in 2022: Ranked and Reviewed

2-stroke dirt motorcycles are some of the best dirt bikes in the industry. While there is a lot of inaccurate information about these dirt bikes on the internet nowadays, true devotees continue to rely on them for the ultimate off-road riding thrill. Unfortunately, many people assume that two-stroke motorcycles are no longer manufactured and that they are too expensive to repair. None of these statements are correct.

Contrary to a popular belief, 2-stroke dirt bikes are not making a comeback, they were never gone in the first place. Big brands like KTM continues to sell out all of them every year. Yamaha has also reported that they will continue to produce 2-stroke dirt bikes as long as there is a demand on the market. Moreover, a number of small European makes such as Gas Gas continue to stay in business due to their 2-stroke sales.

I fully understand that the development of 2-stroke dirt bikes has slowed down in recent years, but it should not stop the 2-stroke fanatics like me and you from getting our hands on one of them.

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Here is the list of the 5 Best 2-stroke dirt bikes you can find in the market currently.

1. Suzuki RM250


Suzuki RM250 is one of my all-time favorite 2-stroke dirt bikes.

Between 2003 and 2008, the Suzuki RM250 was at its peak, with Suzuki and Yamaha battling it out for the greatest 2-stroke. Although this dirt bike was officially retired in 2008, it still has that 2-stroke charm to it.

One thing to keep in mind while purchasing this dirt bike is that pre-2003 models are difficult to jet. Therefore make sure to go with more modern models. Moreover, if you are worried about the parts’ availability of RM250, don’t worry – the RM250’s parts are readily available, and you can even acquire them for a decent price.

The RM250 was a known monster in Motocross activities during its age, being more modern than many bikes in its sector. Its success can be attributed to its bouncy suspension and powerful two-stroke engine.

2. KTM 250SX


The 250 SX was introduced by KTM in 2002 as one of the fastest 2-strokes in the market. The good thing is that KTM hasn’t stopped making upgrades to this dirt bike at all. They have made numerous high-class upgrades to make it more powerful and reliable on the track.

There are few bikes that come close to their raw ferocity, with a high-performance 2-Stroke engine, a proven state-of-the-art chassis, and top-shelf componentry. This tried-and-true race weapon is ideal for individuals who love the sound of a 2-Stroke engine while bashing out scorching lap after hot lap.

If you don’t want to buy an old model, you’re in luck. The 250SX is still in production. This means, that if you want the latest technologies on this traditional beast, you may buy a new one. Furthermore, It currently offers an electric start feature as well as a kick start for added convenience.

3. Honda CR250R

Honda CR250

The Honda CR250R is a highly sought-after dirt bike with a long history of success in amateur and professional racing.

The bad news is that Honda no longer produces this model. Their production was initiated in 1978 and sadly ended in 2007. Throughout this course of time, this model went through several upgrades and changes, improving its power and reliability several times.

A 1996 Honda CR250R is greatly desired by many riders since it has several notable enhancements. The 2000 model was built with a second-gen aluminum chassis making this bike extremely light and quick. Therefore, the models from the years 2000-2001 are in super high demand all the time. You need to be really lucky to get your hands on one of them.

Due to this demand in mind, the 2002 model gained an electronic power valve, but it was discovered that it was powered by a weak motor. Today, the 2002 model of this bike is widely available, and you may even get a fantastic deal on it.

4. Kawasaki KX500

The Kawasaki KX500 debuted in 1992, at a time when there were no 500cc motocrossers on the market. The bike had an insane amount of raw power. This is the reason its appeal was more shifted towards desert racing compared to trail racing.

From 1988 to 1996, Kawasaki had a run of desert championships, with riders like Larry Roeseler, Ty Davis, and Danny LaPorte winning the Baja Mill for the company.

On today’s market, the Kawasaki KX500 is a vintage find, and it’s especially plentiful in the Southwest. The KX500’s strongest feature is its rigidness.

The frame is built to endure a lot of road abuse and features an electrofusion-coated cylinder that keeps going.

5. Yamaha YZ125

yamaha yz215

The Yamaha YZ250 has a really strong track record when it comes to motocross and supercross. The 249 liquid-cooled 2-stroke motor makes this 2-stroke dirt bike’s engine perfect for you if you are looking for a bike with a lot of raw power.

A wide and hard-hitting powerband distinguishes this small engine. Moreover, this bike boasts a lightweight aluminum chassis that allows it to stay very lightweight. This, ultimately, results in maximum maneuverability.

The Yamaha YZ250 has a 5-speed transmission with a multi-plate clutch that makes shifting exceptionally smooth.

To separate the air/oil function, the bike’s 48mm forks have been fitted with the Speed-Sensitive System. As a result, air will not enter the cartridge, and the bike’s damping will be more stable.

The YZ250’s suspension system is based on the YZ-F 4-stroke bikes and includes a swingarm, shock, and linkage. While riding the bike, you may expect outstanding traction and shock absorption.

Yamaha has updated the YZ250 with bolder graphics and sharper bodywork to make it more modern. Riders can also benefit from wider footrests and enhanced clutch adjustability.

Final Thoughts

All the listed bikes are some of the finest 2-stroke dirt bikes you can find in the market currently. If you want to go for the older model I would highly recommend getting the Suzuki RM250. It costs around $6500 which is, to be honest, a bargain for such a brilliant offroad beast.

However, if you want to buy a brand new 2-stroke dirt bike from the market, I would suggest picking up KTM 250SX, which will cost you around $9000 for a 2022 model. One of the best features of this dirt bike is that its subframe is made from lightweight aluminum. Therefore, it provides a great feeling for the rider as well as an easy movement across the seat.

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